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2022-08-03T21:35:54-04:00brands, From The Mind Of Jesse Jones|

We are all brands. And our “brand plan” or “brand strategy”? It’s in our DNA. It’s our defining difference. It’s how we move. Our passions. The things that light us up. Our path, our direction, it lives within us. It’s in our energy. The sooner we realize what our brand is, what it stands for, [...]

THE DRIVE | Under the Hood

2022-08-03T21:31:05-04:00Press, the drive|

I kept having conversations with friends, family members, sometimes even perfect strangers. These conversations were real, raw, unfiltered and had to do with a range of human interest topics, human emotion. They were never black or white, there was always a lot of grey, yet everyone always had various perspectives on [...]

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