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Chatter that Matters – Live Podcast Event

2023-12-08T10:35:54-05:00From The Mind Of Jesse Jones|

Faced with adversity, how can individuals overcome challenges and strive for personal growth? This question took centre stage on November 23 during the “Chatter that Matters—Live” podcast event, hosted at Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus. Influential media figures Tony Chapman and Jesse Jones engaged in a live podcast recording centered around the themes of perseverance [...]


2022-08-03T21:35:54-04:00brands, From The Mind Of Jesse Jones|

We are all brands. And our “brand plan” or “brand strategy”? It’s in our DNA. It’s our defining difference. It’s how we move. Our passions. The things that light us up. Our path, our direction, it lives within us. It’s in our energy. The sooner we realize what our brand is, what it stands for, [...]

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