I kept having conversations with friends, family members, sometimes even perfect strangers. These conversations were real, raw, unfiltered and had to do with a range of human interest topics, human emotion. They were never black or white, there was always a lot of grey, yet everyone always had various perspectives on whatever the topic at hand was.

At the same time as I’m participating in these conversations I’m looking at the state of digital and social media. I feel like although we are likely more connected globally than we ever have been, we are suffering from some of the highest levels of isolation and mis-understanding in modern times. I wanted a way to connect us more, to each other and to ourselves. THE DRIVE was my attempt at creating a space for real, every day dialogue in the mainstream media pop culture landscape.

It’s all well and good to see aspirational figures throughout our mainstream media, but I feel that we’re at a time now (more than ever) where we need to see people just like us. To know that we’re not alone. In our thoughts, our fears, our anxieties, our desires, hopes and dreams. That’s why THE DRIVE was created. I wanted to contribute to balancing the messages.

Two things I continue to realize as we tape these episodes are:

  1. We’re actually more alike than we are different. We have a lot of the same desires for those we love as well as ourselves.
  2. Sometimes it’s not even about being right or wrong. It’s simply about being heard.